ZJU-China Won the Gold Medal in the iGEM 2018 Competition

        On October 29th, ZJU-China won the gold medal in the iGEM 2018 competition at Haynes Convention Center in Boston, USA.

        It is the ninth time for ZJU-China to participate the competition and sixth to win the gold medal. The team is led by Prof. CHEN Ming, including 14 members from 8 colleges of College of Life Sciences, Chu Kochen Honors College, School of Medicine, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Chemical and Biological Engineering, College of Computer Science and Technology, and School of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

        This year, ZJU-China designed “A Detector” and you can read the whole process and result on the website: http://2018.igem.org/Team:ZJU-China.

        The International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition is a worldwide synthetic biology competition that was initially aimed at undergraduate university students. The iGEM competition gives students the opportunity to push the boundaries of synthetic biology by tackling everyday issues facing the world. Every year nearly 6,000 people dedicate their summer to iGEM and then come together in the fall to present their work and compete at the annual Jamboree.

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