Publication in Trends in Plant Science by Professor LIU Jianxiang's Laboratory, Institute of Plant Biology

Title: Timing to grow: roles of clock in thermomorphogenesis

Lin-Lin Zhang, Anni Luo, Seth Jon Davis, Jian-XiangLiu


Several thermosensors have been uncovered in plant thermomorphogenesis.

The basic helix–loop–helix (bHLH) transcription factor PIF4 is a central hub for controlling thermoresponsive growth.

Ambient temperature entrains circadian clock, and in turn, the circadian system regulates plant thermomorphogenesis at warm ambient temperature.

Evening complex (EC) components play critical roles in sensing and transducing ambient temperature signals to regulate PIF4-mediated hypocotyl growth.

Besides acting collectively as a component of the EC, ELF3 also functions individually to regulate PIF4 activity during thermomorphogenesis.


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