Publication in JIPB by Prof. LIU Jianxiang's Laboratory, Institute of Plant Biology

Title: UBA domain protein SUF1 interacts with NatA-complex subunit NAA15 to regulate thermotolerance in Arabidopsis

Ze-Ting Song, Xiao-Jie Chen, Ling Luo, Feifei Yu, Jian-Xiang Liu, Jia-Jia Han

First published: 07 May 2022 |


During recovery from heat stress, plants clear away the heat-stress-induced misfolded proteins through the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS). In the UPS, the recognition of substrate proteins by E3 ligase can be regulated by the N-terminal acetyltransferase A (NatA) complex. Here, we determined that Arabidopsis STRESS-RELATED UBIQUITIN-ASSOCIATED-DOMAIN PROTEIN FACTOR 1 (SUF1) interacts with the NatA complex core subunit NAA15 and positively regulates NAA15. The suf1 and naa15 mutants are sensitive to heat stress; the NatA substrate NSNC1 is stabilized in suf1 mutant plants during heat stress recovery. Therefore, SUF1 and its interactor NAA15 play important roles in basal thermotolerance in Arabidopsis. 


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