Institute of Cell and Developmental Biology


The Institute of Cell and Developmental Biology of Zhejiang University, founded in June, 2001, is dedicated to education and cutting-edge research in cell biology and developmental biology. Nearly 90 years ago, Zhejiang University established the discipline in cell biology.

At present, the Institute of Cell and Developmental Biology comprises 8 research groups leading by 7 professors and one senior investigator. The institute encourages collaboration with other laboratories or institutes both in China and abroad. We have established long-term partnerships on student exchange and research projects with a number of institutes in USA, Japan, UK, and Singapore. These collaborations have effectively promoted innovative science discoveries. Our research has formed the foundation for education and training, which is a central mission of the Institute of Cell and Developmental Biology. The institute has both Master’s programs and PhD programs on Cell Biology and Developmental Biology. The faculty in the institute actively teach both undergraduate and graduate courses, including Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Neurobiology, and Developmental Biology, at Zhejiang University.

Research Areas

Today, we strive to further the fundamental understanding of cell, stem cell and tumor biology. The ongoing projects cover a broad range of topics including renewal and differentiation of stem cells, tumorigenesis and cancer stem cell, development, somatic stem cell and organ regeneration, spermatogenesis dynamics, heme metabolism and erythropoiesis, mechanisms of committed differentiation from stem cells, mechanisms of genetic compensation response, mechanisms of DNA damage repair, function of taste and olfactory signaling proteins.



Institute Director: YANG Weijun

Deputy Director: CHEN Caiyong

YANG Wanxi

866 Yuhangtang Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China

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