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At present, the Institute of Genetics and Regenerative Biology of Zhejiang University, has 6 professors, 5 associate professors and 1 senior lecturer, including Qiushi Distinguished Professor of Zhejiang University, Winner of Excellent Youth Fund Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and etc.

The discipline of genetics at Zhejiang University dates back to 1937. When Mr. Jiazhen Tan, the founder of modern genetics in China, was a professor in the department of biology of Zhejiang University, he took the lead in the teaching and research of genetics and cultivated a number of famous geneticists in China and abroad, such as Daojue Xu, Lvji Shi, Zujia Sheng, and Zudong Liu, making great contributions to the development of genetics discipline in China. Professor Shiyi Chen pioneered yeast genetics and mitochondrial genetics. Through the efforts of several generations, the genetics of Zhejiang University has made great progress. In 1995, Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Cell and Gene Engineering was established. In 1998, the State Council approved the establishment of the program to confer doctoral degrees in genetics. In 2005, it was approved as key discipline of Zhejiang Province. It has cultivated a number of outstanding scientists, including Academician Huanming Yang and Academician Guoliang Xu.

The institute now has the key discipline of genetics of Zhejiang Province and the Key Laboratory for Cell and Gene Engineering of Zhejiang Province. The scientists in the institute undertake a series of scientific projects including the national 973 program, the national 863 program, the national major scientific research program, the national natural science foundation key projects, general projects and talent projects, as well as a number of provincial and ministerial key research projects. The research achievements have won many awards such as the second prize of National Marine Science and Technology Progress Award, the Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Excellent Achievements Award of Scientific Research in Higher Institutions, Ministry of Education, the second prize of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award, the second prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award, the second prize of Zhejiang Medicine and Health Science and Technology Award, and the first prize of Zhejiang Province University Science and Technology Progress Award. The achievement of the studies also lead to a large number of important papers have been published in Nature, Cell, Nature Cell Biology, Molecular Cell, J Exp Med, Hepatology, Nature Communications, The EMBO Journal, Circulation Research, PNAS, J Am Coll Cardiol, Autophagy, PLoS Genetics, Cancer Research, Trends In Plant Science, American Journal of Human Genetics and other SCI journals.


Research Areas

1. Identification of disease genes and patient-specific iPSCs:

2. Pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiovascular disease:

3. Stem cell differentiation, immunological regulation and cell therapy:

4. Tumor cell growth and differentiation signaling pathway:

5. Plant genetics



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