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At present, the Institute of Plant Biology of Zhejiang University, has 17 research fellows including 9 professors, 1 researcher, 6 associate professors, 1 associate researcher and 1 assistant research fellow. The institute has 3 short-term foreign experts including academician Nicholas p. Harberd from University of Oxford, Professor Haven Sze from University of Maryland and Professor James Whelm from La Trobe University.

In 2007, the discipline in plant science was selected as the national key discipline. In 2002, the state key laboratory of plant physiology and biochemistry co-established with China Agricultural University, was selected as the state key laboratory.

After the development of more than 20 years, the institute has made great improvements in every aspect with the effects of all the staff. In scientific research, it has presided over a number of national major projects and key projects. In 2011, the project of Physiological and molecular improvement of plant nutrition led by Professor Shaojian Zheng, was selected into the innovation team of the ministry of education. In terms of publishing scientific research papers, many high-quality papers are published in the top journals of botany every year since published first Plant Physiology paper as a corresponding author in the top international journal of Plant science in 2005.

Research Areas

In the traditional advantages of plant research, we has formed distinctive research direction, aiming at discipline development rule and international frontier combined with national strategic needs. Today, the main research areas include the following five directions:

    1. Genetics and molecular biology of plant nutrition

    2. Plant stress perception and signal transduction

    3. Molecular physiology of plant stress

    4. Bioinformatics

    5. Phytochemistry



Institute Director: ZHENG Shaojian

Deputy Director: SHOU Huixia

                          MAO Chuanzao

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