State Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

The State Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (SKLPPB) is founded on the former Key Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, and has PIs at China Agricultural University (CAU) and Zhejiang University (ZJU). Since its foundation in 2002, SKLPPB has been a competitive and influential research and education center in plant biology around the world. The mission of SKLPPB is to develop a prehensive understanding of Plant Environment Interactions, and to apply the knowledge toward the agriculture development in China for more efficient and sustainable production. Prof. Shuhua Yang of CAU and Prof. Shaojian Zheng of ZJU are the current director of SKLPPB and deputy director of SKLPPB at ZJU.  PIs in the ZJU part of SKLPPB include Profs Shaojian ZhengJianxiang Liu, Huixia Shou, Shuqun Zhang, Da-An Jiang, Jianli Yang, Congwei Jin, Xiaorong Mo, Zhongchang Wu, and senior scientists Drs. Zhiyi Wang, Ming Zhou, and Zhongjie Ding.

The SKLPPB focuses on the frontiers of fundamental research as well as applied research in plant sciences to address significant questions of plant responses to abiotic stresses, and to meet challenges as water/nutrient use efficiencies. Research at ZJU of the SKLPPB encompasses the following areas:

1. Plant/Crop cellular signal transduction in responses to abiotic stress.

2. Regulation of gene expression in plant/crop responses to abiotic stress.

3. Plant/Crop developmental regulation and stress responses.

4. Physiological and molecular mechanisms of water and nutrient use efficiencies in crop.

The prospective of the SKLPPB is to carry out basic researches and application-oriented basic researches to target the major scientific issues in the fields of plant sciences, and resource-saving and environment-friendly sustainable agriculture in China. While keeping the overall research of the SKLPPB at the national leading level, we also aim to make the laboratory become a scientific research and talent training base with important influence and competitiveness internationally. In basic researches, we focus on the important theoretical and scientific issues of signal transduction network regulation mechanism and molecular genetic mechanism of plant responses and adaptations to nutrition deficiency, metal toxicity, drought, high salinity, low temperature, and other stresses, and published research papers with prominent innovative significance and important international impact. In application-oriented basic researches, we focus on cloning and functionally characterizing genes, which are important for the improvement of agronomic traitswith great application value and intellectual property rights.

At present, the laboratory has a high-level academic research team and carries out a large number of major national scientific research projects.  It has become an attractive academic lab to gather the outstanding young scholars returning from oversea.


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